Personalised cakes.

Personalised Cakes

All the cakes on this page are made to look like the birthday boy or girl. Photos are really helpful if you'd like a cake like this. I like to make the characters wear similar clothes to what they usually wear and have their hair as they would usually wear it. The more information the better with these types of cakes.

When ordering please remember to include

  • 1) cake size (either tin size or how many slices you'd like, these can be found on the prices page) 
  • 2) cake flavour and filling flavour (these can be found on the prices page) 
  • 3) decoration please include as much detail as possible with photos of the birthday boy or girl or animal, I usually copy the photo I'm sent so please make sure it is how you'd like them to look, if it's a pet please make sure to include any signnificant markings, tail, etc. 
  • 4) date of celebration we will have your cake ready for 9am on the day you ordered it for, or at the prearraged time you have requested.
  • 5) wording a simple message like "Happy Birthday Mum" any more than this can take up a lot of space on the cake so is best written in a card.

To view all the cakes I have made in the last few years please visit my Facebook page, there is a link at the bottom of the page.

Personalised Cakes