We have so many lovely compliments on our christmas cakes, puddings and mincemeat that all the hard work involved is definitley worth it. The mix of dried fruit, including sultanas, currants, raisins, cranberries, apricots and cherries are soaked for days in a mixture of brandy and the zest and juice of oranges and lemons. This gives the final cakes and puddings a lovely texture and are never dry. Our cakes are baked for a time at 150C then turned down to 120C for a perfect even bake, we always put a large pan of hot water in the oven while they cook, this also helps to keep them lovely and moist. Our puddings are made using homemade breadcrumbs so are soya free, they're steamed from between 6-9.5 hours, depending on the size, so they're fully cooked and ready to heat either in the microwave or the steamer.

All our cakes and puddings are dairy free and vegetarian (we use vegetable suet in our puddings) but they do contain egg, we also offer an egg free version. We make gluten free christmas cakes but not puddings I'm afraid. Please get your order in before the beginning of December if you'd like one of these.

Our mincemeat comes in a jar large enough to generously fill 12 mince pies which comes with our easy to follow mince pie recipe. It is full of flavour packed with dried fruit, butter, orange, brandy, sherry and spices, a real treat at Christams for £5.50 per jar.

We can no longer post any of our products I'm afraid.

We will begin making our puddings mid to late July so you can collect from the shop on your holiday. These will be perfectly matured for christmas. We always have a selection of our rich fruit cakes in stock but if you'd like one decorated for christmas just let me know.