Model Kits

Model Kits

New for 2021 are our make your own model kits.

Included in the pack is everything you need to create your own cake topper model at home. Made using Saracino modelling paste which is easy to use, holds its shape well and doesn't need any sugar glue so perfect for children or beginners. Saracino contains milk so please let me know if you'd like a dairy free version. These dont give quite as good results as the saracino. Some eyes also contain wheat starch so please let me know if you're gluten free.

 The instructions are available through the QR code included in the pack with simple photo instructions of an easy to follow a step by step guide.

All the colours are individually weighed and packed so you get a perfect result every time.

Each pack makes quite a large model so can easily make two, three or even four smaller models, just cut each piece equally. The puffin stands at about 10cm tall.

As there is no risk of damage to these, they can posted for an extra £5.

We can fit up to 6 per parcel.